Virtual Numbers

Get Virtual Number with integrated IVR + Call forwarding to your personal mobile or landline numbers.

IVR Menu

Automated voice menu guide's caller to correct department by linking dial digits with extension codes.

Hold Music

Pleasant melody replacing silence or phone tons during waiting period for call answer from end receipent.

Custom IVR Call Flow

We built Custom IVR Call flow as per your business requirment.

Greeting Message

Start playing company's welcome greeting message when caller calls to IVR number.


You get ability to blacklist caller number anytime.

Call Monitoring & Recording

Function permitting to observe information concerning call logs (length, date & time, caller number, recording).

Conditional Forwarding

You can define rule for forwarding calls according to date, time or any other conditions or parameters.


Recorded voice messages from subscribers whose calls you missed will be saved to your email.

How IVR Works ?


IVR Solution

IVRs Solution is the service which accepts the calls, collect information and direct the call to proper recipient. It accepts the calls in the combination of voice and keypad selection and provide with correct responses in voice form, return SMS and calls.

Toll Free Number

Our Toll Free Service boosts your marketing efforts and customers feel valued. Tollfree is loaded with features and comes along with an intelligent call management system with time/day. Tollfreeis a single number service accessible across all operators.

Miss Call Service

Missed Call is a Lead Generation Service powered by i-Misscall to their Clients across India. This is a Very Useful Service in today’s IT and Digital marketing World. when we dialed, a caller number is registered and Auto Reply SMS is send to the caller number.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS is an Advance marketing Strategy, which is getting popular day by day and bring ease in promoting new product and services. Mobile Market is the best way to spread the arrival of different services, which helps to customer gain space in the market.

Voice SMS

Voice call allows businesses to strengthen in their target market. A technology in which pre-recorded messages are automated to mobile or telephone users called as Voice SMS or OBD Dialer. Voice call solution is used in forms of communication.

Email Marketing

Bulk email is the practice of sending out electronic mail messages to large groups of recipients at once. The service can be a useful communication tool. Business promotion activities or simply to keep people informed about various products or services.


Multiple Channel

Our Multiple Channel option also ensures you only pay for those services you want and need. Multi Channel mixes of options so we can focus our services exactly where your clients prefer to communicate with you. Use Multiple Channel is to send incoming calls to phones or external phone numbers. Multiple phones in simultaneous or sequential order, Set the length of time and also use phone rings before calls forward to the next phone.

SMS/Mail Notification

Our E-mail Solutions range from a simple response by way of a fully customized response, addressing your customer’s every need. E-mail is the most effective advertising form on the Internet. we can address any service concern your customers have via email the same way we can via telephone. This platform looks for multiple routes in an automated and optimized way to ensure faster delivery of messages to your Customers.

Customized Time

The business can also set welcome note, giving the customer a positive impression on the company. This greeting can be customized with dynamic information, including the name of the customers. The IVR system gives varied options and freedom to allow the business to customize the system based on their needs and the requirements of the customers. The Customized Time system saves the time of customer as well as business concerned.

Call Recording

Call recording is one such siloed application which is now being cohesively used with the IVR solution. The importance of this feature in the IVR solution is indispensable in today’s customer service scenario. Also recording your calls for training and quality purposes, this feature can also prove to be of enormous value in your everyday customer handling. As a result, one comprehensive solution to deliver an all-in-one IVR solution to the customers.

Multi Level IVR

Multi Level IVR helps you provide services on a global platform in different languages. It is an increasingly globalized economy, companies need new ways to communicate with partners, customers, and employees quickly and effectively. Once the call transfer is done your call will be disconnected and the transferred call is established as a new connection. In simple words, you answer a call and then send it to another extension inside your office.


An IVR WebHook allows the transfer of data from a phone call to a web server. It can pass along the answers to any non-recorded IVR questions as well as information such as the caller ID, timestamp, the number dialed and more. API is an open interface that allows you to connect third-party solutions, products and services. We followed international standard requirements with a specific focus on security, scalability and ease of operations.

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